Hive bodies are obviously an important part of any hive. Styrofoam, wool insulation, etc. Official website of internationally renowned Vermont beekeeper, Michael Palmer. Discover (and save!) Columbia Food Lab – Tests for some pesticides. I encourage the beekeepers in our club to take up this challenge and plan ahead for losses. Old bee books (Brother Adam, Vickery, Wedmore) also provided clues, encouraging the use of nucleus colonies as winter queen banks and resource factories to cover off apiary needs. This page is a compalation of all of the information from him that I can find. Resources to get you started: Michael Palmer – Importance of getting local queens (YouTube) Michael Palmer – On Package Bees (YouTube) Michael Bush – Bee Splits ( Michael Bush – Nucleus Hives ( Kirk Webster – Cell Building and Overwintering Nucs ( Their compact size means they take up less room, are easier to manage, and don’t look intimidating to the neighbors. “So that’s the hope.”. The equipment manufacturers capitalized on the trend by offering ‘palmer-style nucs’ and ‘resource hives.’ Through his sharing of practical information, Mike Palmer became one of the most widely respected beekeepers in the world. Quite a few commercial beekeepers replace queens every second year. Michael Palmer: (Queen Rearing in a Sustainable Apiary) National Honey Show (2013): 1:11 minutes. Michael Palmer – On Package Bees (YouTube) We also acknowledge previous National Science Foundation support under grant numbers 1246120, 1525057, and 1413739. By 2014, it was hard to find a beekeeper who didn’t know his name. I had planned on putting her in Hive 2–the hive I had recently split. There are many ways to make up nucs by splitting hives. Michael is also skeptical of anyone trying to run a commercial operation and going completely treatment free and potentially losing 50-75% of their bees each year. Our long-term goal is to figure out a way to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the use of chemical treatments in bee hives to control Varroa destructor mites. Once I got more than five hives and started queen-rearing and nucleus colony production I found Michael Palmer’s “duct tape” technique to be best for me. Here's how mine made out. Unfortunalty it seems he does not have his own website and much of the information he has shared is spread out over the internet. Michael Palmer’s beekeeping career started in 1974 when he took a beekeeping course and started off with just a couple hives from Bedford, Quebec, Canada.In 1979/1980, he bought a hundred hives from Better Bee and bought nucleus colonies (nucs) from a friend because back then, prices were pretty low. They can be made up by the beekeeper themselves instead of buying them, and can be built into whatever hive configuration you prefer. Upon inspecting the swarmed out colony, there would be a good brood pattern, a handful of veiy young bees, and a few older field bees that must have been out foraging when the bees left. “If I buy a queen or trade with someone, it’s for breeding purposes, not for production queens,” says Michael. The queens from Michael Palmer arrived just as he promised on Friday. Adding insulation to the top of the hive is also a good overwintering practice. Resources Hive Stand Page is Back ... February 8, 2016. The key here is new queens. Swarms and packages cannot do that. He escaped the city by going off to the University of Vermont, where he fell in love with the countryside, his future wife, and eventually the little bugs that we all hold so dear. Mike is an excellent speaker and has good insight into bee behavior. Apr 1, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Dave Steward. Michael Palmer’s beekeeping career started in 1974 when he took a beekeeping course and started off with just a couple hives from Bedford, Quebec, Canada. He’s really pleased at how many people are now wintering nucleus colonies. He simply uses model paint and a piece of grass as his tools. Since becoming a beekeeper, Michael has shared his nuc and queen rearing project information with everyone, largely through YouTube videos. Pretty simple really take the basic hive body measurements and cut the fronts in half and add more wood lengthwise. Apr 2, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Rebekah. After queen marking is complete, he … Vermont beekeeping guru Michael Palmer demonstrates how to catch, handle and mark queens in the field without harming them. “We go all over the world doing talks on bees and wintering nucs and raising queens,” says Michael. The nucs that overwinter grow extremely fast. We like it that way! Many of our members use top bar hives or Warré hives. Many thanks to Theresa, our mail carrier, for delivering them to me! But of course, whenever taking resources from any hive, always do so responsibly so as not to completely disable the colony. It takes investigation, it takes looking at them” on a least a regular basis of once a month or more. Typically sold to beekeepers in deep 4 or 5 frame Langstroth boxes. I still keep a “Bee Journal” where I paste actual photos and make other notes, but my squares of duct tape allow me to see at a glance the status of any given hive or nuc. Let them do their thing and we’ll get honey in their 2nd year. Make up a couple splits in the late summer and see if you can get them to overwinter. Providing space for 6 or 8 hives might be problematic though. Kirk Webster was working with nucleus colonies and urged Palmer to do the same. So it’s a good idea to also use them as a resource for other hives. The clusters were leaving the hive with no queen cells left behind. I'm planning on trying to overwinter some nucs. But we’ll have to do it differently. Vermont beekeeping guru Michael Palmer demonstrates how to catch, handle and mark queens in the field without harming them. Michael worked for them for four years and then bought their bees. The LibreTexts libraries are Powered by MindTouch ® and are supported by the Department of Education Open Textbook Pilot Project, the UC Davis Office of the Provost, the UC Davis Library, the California State University Affordable Learning Solutions Program, and Merlot. And round and round we go. your own Pins on Pinterest She can sell the 3rd one and provide a high quality, locally raised source of bees for another beekeeper in her club. Michael has 3 jobs listed on their profile. The timing for this should be after the main flow. I recommend reading up on the various methods at Michael Bush’s website. This may help you in guiding your problem. “Over time we are developing traits that are going to help,” says Michael. Unless otherwise noted, LibreTexts content is licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. You defeat the … Michael Palmer of French Hill Apiaries Video Collection Michael Palmer - Beekeeper Michael Palmer is one of the great modern voices of beekeeping. Part 3: Tools and Resources for New Beekeepers This section of the text contains practical guides and resources for beekeepers such as: A Hive Inspection Sheet A Hive Inspection Journal A guide to creating an Apiary Action Plan, or a plan for starting and maintaining an apiary based on the principles of Holistic Management; Wintering Honey Bees Speaking of hive weights, Michael Palmer, one of last year’s Fall Conference presenters, weighs each and every hive in the late fall to ascertain, positively, that his hives have sufficient stores to make it through winter. It takes work. DOUBLE NUC HIVE $ 65.00 – $ 122.25. By 1992/1993 a few years after tracheal and Varroa mites became a huge problem, Michael lost a lot of his bees. Additional brood. I have been reading so many bee books and watching so many youtube videos, but I need a…, Michael Palmer – Importance of getting local queens, Kirk Webster – Cell Building and Overwintering Nucs, Establishing Honey Bee Colonies in Cold Climates, Overwintered Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies: Big Solutions in Small Packages,, Response to Portland’s Proposed Beekeeping Ordinance, In the early spring (around mid to late-April depending on the weather), In the late spring or early summer, during the nectar flow (May or June), In the late summer or early fall, after the flow (July or August), To overwinter nucs (prepare for winter losses). Overwintered nucs are an excellent method for Northern beekeepers to minimize their dependence on package bees. Adding insulation to the top of the hive is also a good overwintering practice. Maybe Beekeeper B above doesn’t want 3 hives. She took a comb of eggs and some nectar/bee bread from each one in June and used 2 small nucs to let the bees make queen cells. In fall we recommend stapling a piece of hardware cloth over the entrance to act as mouse guard. The method and timing you use really depends on what your goals are. In the Central Virginia area, anytime in July would probably work, but I will need to experiment. As a child, Michael Palmer spent most of his spare time outdoors, fascinated by the plants and insects and animals living in his suburban New York City environment. Mike Palmer is head copywriter for Stansberry Research, and was voted AWAI 2009 Copywriter of the Year. It’s also a notoriously difficult problem to fix. Portland is weird. He brings an inquisitive, open mind and vast knowledge to the interested beekeeper videos. But hobby beekeepers may be able to watch their bees more closely, allowing a… Not sold with frames, foundations or Outer Cover. Mike Palmer: Shaping the Next Generation of Financial Copywriters.