I have completed the building of my RO kit and am awaiting sap season here in minnesota. And check for a leak on your vacuum side (the unfiltered sap side). The filter housing should fill and the pressure gauge at the high pressure pump intake should rise to 40-50 psi. I’m a New England homesteader and the author of, here’s a facebook live video showing how it works, one of the Top 20 Must-Read Homesteading Blogs of 2018, read more about my camera and even purchase your own here, the secrets other legit homesteaders might not tell you, https://soulyrested.com/2017/04/12/make-maple-syrup-step-step/, https://soulyrested.com/snag-free-ebooks/, https://soulyrested.com/2020/01/25/how-to-make-syrup-what-tools-do-you-need/. Hydroponics Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System 300 GPD USA Made RO. The pump is available for sale on line; I linked to the one we use above. I want to thank you and your husband again for sharing.. How wonderful!!! On the output side going back recirculating back to the tank and sending RO water to a holding tank it is fine to use 5/8 inch garden hose. Flush 100 gallons of clean water through the unit. $38.24. The pay back time, especially if you're buying firewood, will be about 2-3 years. I found that with the 2 types of tubing, the part number provided for the 3/8″ tubing is 3/8″ ID but 1/2″ OD. Drill a 5/32 inch hole 1/4 inch from each end. By eliminating as much as 80 percent of the water (with multiple passes) it takes much less time to cook sap down into syrup. Everything you need is right here! Sadly it would be a few decades before you can tap a young maple. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a process typically used for water purification: a semi-permeable membrane is used to separate water from salt, sugar, minerals, and other impurities. Do not exceed 250 psi of pressure. I just finished building my RO, and it looks just like yours, because i followed yours except I only put 3- 150 membranes in my system for now. Attach a third flexible high pressure metal hose to the barrel fitting. Hi Sheila, three cheers for awesome husbands! Coming out of the gate valve should be a garden hose fitting. Clamp it against the center strut so it sticks up at about 45 degrees and weld the other end to the center strut in the frame. As the valve closes the pressure should increase and RO water should start flowing out of the center hole. Maybe I need even SMALLER tubing for the filters? It’s been a 2-year process pulling this all together. (My husband labeled it “permiate”… spelling was never his strong suit. On the center hole attach a small length of 1/2 pipe that runs to a garden hose fitting. makes about 4 stirs) Stainless steel pot Candy thermometer (goes to minimum of 240°F) Bowls and spoons Process Heat the pure maple syrup in the pot to 235°F. I’m a wife to my high school sweetheart, mom to four daughters, and ardent fan of all things maple-flavored. Reverse osmosis is a purification process that extracts water from all impurities, minerals, sugars and such forth. $5,964.00 - Please Call to Order. Fill a pot with 1 1/2 gallons of permeate and boil it. “Reverse osmosis removes up to 60 percent of water per pass. Move the plate and motor around until the motor holes will clear the frame. Leave the gate valve wide open while flushing. We don’t feed our sap directly into our RO. Plug the center hole with a 1/2 in plug. Great post. I love homesteading and can’t wait to get back to it soon, although we won’t be making maple syrup since we live in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a VERY small backyard producer, making less than 10 gallons of syrup per year. Will the water be coming out of the tube marked permeate? Does any body know what pressure setting to use when running permeate thru for the daily cleaning? For instance, if I planted a maple, how long before I could tap it? In the center hole attach a 3 inch piece of pipe with a garden hose fitting. Sadly, yes, you have to filter many other times throughout the whole process. If you are starting say with 100 gallons, your goal should be to take the volume down to 40-50 gallons thus producing 50-60 gallons of RO water. Costs for home producers are relatively high due to high capital and energy costs. Attach the low pressure pump to your RO water (permeate) tank. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS STUFF, if it gets on your skin, it will cause a nasty chemical burn! I’m […] The concentrated sap will come out of the valve into a hose that will be returned to sap tank while the RO recirculates. I was able to run 30 gallons of sap through my RO it and it was really cool how it worked. Reverse Osmosis filters the water out of your sap and saves a #backyardsugarmaker hundreds of dollars a year. Looking forward to next year. Of course, no matter what you use for fuel, cuddling with a barn cat while you watch the sap boil makes everything a little more puuurfect. Everything you need is right here! Step 2: The Cart and Frame. Can’t wait to try it out. I’m wondering if your system would cope? Honestly, getting all the pieces is the largest drain on your time. You will need to wire such a motor to run on 220V and thus will need a 220V circuit and outlet in your shop. Never ever occurred to me that an RO system could be used in this manner. At what pressure do we run our RO? commercial filter tank, you should design a system that puts your filter inside a covered container. The system consists of the RO membrane and housing, a motor coupled to a high pressure Procon pump, a low pressure pump, a big water filter, various hoses and pressure gauges and a cart to which to mount the components. I just received all the parts today and hope to assemble over the holidays. Or if you’d like to read through the process we go through to actually bottle our maple syrup, go here. You will need 2 reducers to adapt from 1 in intake/ouput to a garden hose intake and output fitting from the filter housing. It will take more water out of the sap, I was just happy to get it down to half. Attach the flexible high pressure hose coming out of the second membrane housing to the pipe union. I will share your story with Bill (cause he’s never on my blog :)). I would boil this down in less than 3 hours in my 2×4 pan. Because here our family has started living a more sustainable life, focused on simple joys. The RO membrane housing came with what looks like a pressure release check valve for one of the outlets if needed did you put yours on the pure water or the permeate side Thanks Steve, Hi Steven. I love the way you do things here! Use a 15 gallon plastic tub to mix the sodium hydroxide solution. The 1/4″ ID has a 3/8″ OD. RO has been used in maple syrup production for more than 40 years and is a viable alternative to reducing the water content versus the traditional boiling/evaporation method. I am using 150 gpd filters. You definitely want to build it in series. But seriously, you can try out Prime for totally free for 30 days. Hi Bill, I’m not sure I’m understanding your question… but the 50% is the increase in sugar content. I hope you LOVE your RO and all the money it saves you! I priced your unit in Canada and its around the $650 mark (for 2 filters that is $1300). Bolt the high pressure pump motor to the mounting plate on the cart. The intake and output of the filter housing is 1 in. I’m blessed to live in an old farmhouse, by a mountain lake, on acres of stone walls and sugar maples. There just aren’t enough hours in the day or trees in the woods to do it all. At the right hand end cap on the third membrane housing in the peripheral hole attach a 3 inch piece of 1/2 in pipe with a simple 1/2 in gate valve. Well, that is if you’re like Bill. Attach a length of wire long enough to get to your 220V outlet to the other side of the switch. No, we’ve never needed to do any needle valve maintanence. How long does it take for a 5-gallon bucket of sap to go through the system? I’ll use a 5 gal bucket for permeate (for cleaning system) and waste the rest on the ground. A simple step that fits easily into the sugarmaking process … I’d like to try building a RO system for my 70 tap operation and I’m wondering what the difference is between the one your husband built and a RO system for under your sink for tap water? Yes, you are restricted by your filter capabilities. You'll notice in the photos I have another T-fitting with a shut off tap and hose attachment. Thanks for that suggestion. Sap should start coming out of the peripheral hole when your gate valve is. Is this not correct? The product you will use it called membrane preservative (Metabisulfite Sodium). Am I correct? You will see commercial single pass systems out there that are capable of extracting 50% of the water in a single pass. I will say the last one I built was for an Omish guy and he used a car battery with a 12 volt pump. Do the filters NEED to be kept in the fridge? It is important to use 3/4 inch garden hose on the input side as the high pressure Procon pump needs a lot of volume and it is easier for the low pressure pump to supply the volume through short lengths of 3/4 inch hose. 3) For testing purposes both hoses from the exit cap can be run to a drain. I did find this suggestion for the seasonal storage of RO membranes: “Storing your membranes in the off season: (In fact, you’ll see below that’s exactly what we’re using–filters from a water purifying system.). so many great questions Katharine! Attached the flexible high pressure hose coming out of the Procon pump to the pipe union. You can ruin your expensive RO membrane if you do. Keep them from extreme heat and freezing and they will be safely stored until next season. https://youtu.be/o1pbklwyYw4. . I’m still a little unclear on the cleaning procedure after each run during the season. Cover and let stand overnight. #DIY #maplesyrup #taptrees #makesyrup #maple #rosystem #ro #reverseosmosis #savemoneyonsyrup 11:30 a.m. Small RO systems: The good and the Bad of DIY project ROs Noon Lunch on your own 1:00 p.m. Sugarbush Management 2:15 p.m. Invert Levels in Maple Syrup: What it is and How it Affects Value Added Maple Products 3:30 p.m. Organic Certification: What is it all About Wanna save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel by adding a homemade RO system to your backyard sugaring operation? I realized I had things set up all wrong. That is all you need to do. A friend of mine stores 300 gallons in a plastic tote and uses it for drinking and all sorts of things. 1) Place a fresh 1 micron 4.5x10 inch house filter in the filter housing. We run it at 60-70 psi, which we regulate with the needle valve. The permeate cleans out the filters. and3.5-4 after I ran mine thru the RO system. Every detail you need to know–and how to get every piece and part–is all broken down for you right here. Reverse Osmosis is defined as: a technique for purifying water, in which pressure is applied to force liquid through a semipermeable membrane in the opposite direction to that in normal osmosis. kendal hausmannLivin' off the land. You may be able to find other similar components from other suppliers at other prices. The line with the needle valve is the line that carries the RO’d sap that then is boiled. Thus the pure water is the end product and the left over concentrated or contaminated water is discarded. (And here’s a facebook live video showing how it works.) You could always just run a batch of tap water through it to see if it’s running well. Do not exceed 250 psi of pressure. Thank you Michelle. What a great question. Food grade sodium hydroxide is available on Amazon or eBay quite inexpensively. Attached is a pdf of the components you'll need. Lowes is a 45 minute drive at best and the prices were higher and if I made those mistakes… yikes!! I’m in Wisconsin, and I have a brother who also makes syrup in Vermont. The frame is a rectangular base welded from 1 1/2 in angle iron. Attach a 3 prong 120V plug to the short piece of wire. Conclusion Maple syrup production for the hobbyist is a growing trend; perhaps you may wish to join the crowd in this emerging market. I’ve had this bookmarked for a while and finally made mine. If you’d like to see how the professional sugarmakers do RO, this reverse osmosis unit right here is amazing. So I asked Bill to walk me through exactly what he did to make this sweet contraption. I asked Bill but sadly he said no, he hasn’t tried that. Give a couple of wraps of teflon tape and seal. 10) Before you run out of water, open the gate valve, turn off the high pressure pump, then turn off the low pressure pump. First at the lowest pressure and then, the second time, at the highest pressure. Attach the flexible high pressure metal hose to the outlet from the T fitting. Hope that helps. Attach a sign by the switches reminding you to turn on the low pressure pump before the high pressure pump. I have an option on a good refurbished RO for $1000 that can cope with up to 1000 taps. Yep, we often run it through twice. Hi Tim. Look up a group called the Vancouver Island Sapsuckers. If you have a refractometer (I explain that tool here: https://soulyrested.com/2020/01/25/how-to-make-syrup-what-tools-do-you-need/), you should measure your brix (sugar content) before and after the RO. Most of my RO water is discarded, however, it is excellent to drink and nothing makes a better pot of coffee while you're out in the sap house playing some cribbage and tending the boiler. Maple Syrup is legally protected in both Canada and the USA. Everyday low prices, save up to 50%. I would run the RO over night and extract about 7 gals. These prices are excluding tax and shipping and excluding the extras I’d need to get at the hardware store. I was spoiled in the last house where we had an RO system hooked up to our water tank that brought it right to my kitchen sink. That top will not spin unless the line is cut. I ran a test by dumping some sugar in a 5 gallon bucket and it seemed to work correctly based on the tastes of the concentrate and the permeate since I don’t own a refractormeter. The smaller Shurflo 4008 pump (3 gal/min) shown in this Instructable will service around 200 taps and, in a decent year, should produce enough sap to make somewhere between 50 and 100 gallons of maple syrup. And great question about what we run it at! We have been tapping trees on our property for 2 years and have worked to gradually… by mnhomesteader. Costs for home producers are relatively high due to high capital and energy costs. 10) Once you have hit your target volume/sap concentration open the gate valve, turn off the high pressure pump, then turn off the low pressure pump. At the end of every season, we run 5-10 gallons of permeate through the system, then we remove the filters from their casings and mark where each filter was in the system (so we can change their position each year, to hopefully give them a longer life) Then we put them in a ziplock bag and store them in the refrigerator until the next sugar season. It takes roughly 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. Every evening during the season, when we’re done RO-ing for the day, we simply run the RO one more cycle, using permeate instead of sap. Thanks for your reply Michelle. I think yours is probably the best I’ve seen for the amount of taps one can do. 5) Open the valve from the feed tank containing your maple sap. You will mount your switches and water filter to this. I have additional questions regarding cleaning and storing the filters : Do the limbs of the trees hold up well? Thanks again for the help. On one end cement on a cap to seal it. Reduce heat to medium-low, and stir in the maple extract; simmer 3 minutes longer. All winter. I am building an RO fashioned after one of my neighbors here in WI. The RO Bucket is the original, small scale, portable reverse osmosis machine made for Maple Syrup Production. It's also a good practice to keep 2 or 3 five gallon pails of RO water by your boiler just in case you get over zealous with your boiling and exhaust your feed tank and are in risk of burning up a batch of syrup or your pan. 3) Place the exit hose from the center hole on the exit cap into a 100 gallon or more tank to collect RO water (permeate). Sugaring the modern way DIY Maple Syrup Reverse Osmosis (RO) system March 23, 2019 Zac 2 Comments A half dozen friends have asked me to share my Maple Sap Reverse Osmosis setup I use sugaring each spring to make delicious Maple Syrup. I am going to give it a go. During operation you will attach a 5/8 in garden hose to that fitting that will carry the concentrated sap back to the storage tank for recirculation. When it’s time to start up the RO again the next year, all we do is take the filters out of the fridge and use them. I have huge respect for DIYers like you who know what they want and can seriously build it. Mar 26, 2019 - Wanna know how to build your own Reverse Osmosis system for making maple syrup? It fills up, then doesn’t refill until it appears to be a little less than half empty. These systems tend to use very high pressures in the 500-600 psi range and thus need very specialized pumps, hoses and membrane housings. Maple syrup production has become not only a popular hobby but also a small business venture for many home producers throughout the world. Try setting you brass valve (petcock) to around 70-80 psi. Remove the end of the hose going to the RO water tank. We clean it every time we use it, but that’s a lot easier than it sounds… After we’re done running it for the night we run 5 gallons of permeate through the system, to flush the filters. Free shipping. From homesteading, to making maple syrup, to living in an old New England farmhouse, I'm learning to be souly rested because simple joys require hard work © 2020 SoulyRested All rights reserved. Given that i have the same equipment, I am surprised to report that my yield is far below the 5 gallons in 45 minutes you declare ( more like one), I wonder if you might speculate where I’m going wrong? Make sure the axle holes are aligned with one another on the side of the frame. Hi Michelle Reverse Osmosis filters the water out of your sap and saves a backyard sugarmaker hundreds of dollars a year. What is a homemade reverse osmosis (RO) system? Recirculate the cleaning solution for 10 minutes, then shut off the pumps and let sit for 10 minutes. It was amazing!”, Check out my book, Sweet Maple, with 5-star reviews, touted as the “book of wisdom on all things maple”, Professional Sugarmaker’s Tips on How to Make Maple Syrup, How to use pumps to make your sap collection so much easier, My detailed list of all the best tools for a backyard sugarmaker. Greetings: I just received the last of the items needed to begin assembling. I’m about to build my unit thanks to your posting! Not much RO water will come out yet. This will run to the intake on your RO membrane housing. I’ll say that getting the right hardware was quite difficult. Jan 9, 2019 - Wanna know how to build your own Reverse Osmosis system for making maple syrup? How do you find the pump? But I’m a little slow. And finally, what’s the function of the clear line filter? And have you tried my a-MAAHZ-ing Maple Sugar Cookie recipe that’s in my Resource Library? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. (I’d love to keep it all.) 4) Connect the switches to power and plug in the low pressure pump, 5) Open the valve from the feed tank containing fresh water. An advantage of this system is that the high flow rate tends to keep the RO membrane(s) pretty clean. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Open the tops and add additional solution if needed. Wanna know how to build your own Reverse Osmosis system for making maple syrup? But for now, our little homemade one gets the job done. . The drawback is that you need 4 needle valves, one for each sap line/canister to create the proper back pressure. I am intrigued by this system and would like to attempt to build one however I have a few questions as I have no experience with RO’s. Fill a tank with 50 - 100 gallons of fresh water. Wanna save hundreds of dollars a year on fuel by adding an RO system to your backyard sugaring operation? Yes. A 3 ft. piece of 5/8 garden hose (lime green in the photos) will run from the center hole to a garden hose manifold. If you have a clear filter housing you can see if the filter is getting contaminated and needs replacement. The smallest ones you can purchase are definitely a costly investment that would take a backyard sugarmaker anywhere from 4-10 years or more to recoop. Build this RO Filter, with full directions and instruction right here, and you'll save so much money in fuel. Check to make sure sap is recirculating back to the tank. ), If you wanna read more about why we ro, go here. References. Rinse the membranes with 100 gallons of RO water or fresh water. A little RO water can save the day. My questions are. The RO pump draws the sap in, via the tubing we place in the can of sap. At the end of the season it is good practice to clean the membranes with a cleaning solution, then rinse them and store them in a preservative solution until next season. Thanks Bill and Michelle sharing you drawing on a RO system. Your email address will not be published. Operating the RO system at 120 to 200 psi applied membrane pressure will efficiently reduce the sap to a consistency suitable for boiling. It is the solution used in the air locks on wine carboys. btw, if you don’t already have Amazon Prime, I highly recommend it. Finished maple syrup is 67% sugar. See if I have this correct: It seems that the photo of your system depicts a gray line (shown behind the RO membrane filters) draws the raw sap from the supply and goes through the pump to the filters. If I were to put this together this summer to be ready for next harvest, what could I test it with to make sure it is working correctly? Close the valve coming out of the feed tank. So we persoanlly choose to boil our sap with propane. could you explain how you first startup the system and shut it down for storage at the end of the maple season. Nothing is sweeter than a delicious maple stir. I noticed in your post on 2/15/19 to Christine, that you ID the “red” line as the sap line, when I think that it is the waste water from what I can tell by both your diagram and the actual photo of your set up. You’ll also need some tubing and connectors, as well as another valve. Remove the axle and cut to length. Haha. Thank you very much for this system. Thus the sap is pumped out of your tank, through a low pressure pump (I use a portable 125V transfer pump rated at 1500 gal/hr and 50 psi) that brings it up to 40-50 psi in front of the high pressure pump. Learn To DIY Maple Syrup. At the start of the next season remove the membrane(s) from the storage container and dump out the preservative solution. Boiling has been my limitation in the whole process for both time and fuel reasons. But it is there and you will see it in the photos. * For your membrane, you can choose the one linked above, for 50 gallons per day, or upgrade to one for 100 gpd or 150 gpd. The hose from the peripheral hole coming from the gate valve should be placed back into the sap tank for recirculation. Filtering Maple Syrup With a Cloth Filter . Seriously. Glance at my Resource Page if you’d like to get a glimpse of other supplies I use for maple syrup making (as well as gardening, homeschooling, homesteading topics, nature journaling, and more). Flush 25 gallons of water through the system. Screw on the cap. Log in. What a huge time saver. 607-547-7973. I may try that this year.. Never mind. The pipe union makes it easy to disconnect the end cap for cleaning. Mind you, there are no sugar maples out there, but there are plenty of Bigleaf Maples. Thanks for letting us know Martin! Check for hose leaks and tighten junctions where necessary. I unhooked most of it many times until I sorted it out. After you have processed a batch of sap you need to flush the membranes to prepare for the next batch. The RO Bucket is inexpensive to operate and comes fully assembled for immediate use. I just received all the parts recommended ( I went for 4 100GPD filters) and it cost me just under 500$. You will need to attach the high pressure Procon pump to your motor. After both runs, I have about 55% high sugar content sap and 45% very low sugar permeate. Rising from the center of frame are two 3 ft pieces of 1/1/2 inch Unistrut channel. Psalm 34:8. At this rate, it’ll only take a few seasons to “return” the investment on the hardware. Mark & Colleen Falardeau, backyard sugarmakers who built this RO system, explain, “It cost us roughly $300 to make our RO and it takes sap from 2-3% sugar content to 7-8% in one pass! You start with the gate valve wide open. The sap will enter through the hole at the periphery. If you decide to take the plunge, let me know what you think. Free shipping. I have friends who have used PEX or clear PVC hose and bayonet fittings. Call for an appointment. Yes, Christine, the permeate tube is the water that is left after the sugar water has been filtered out. Yet it is perfect. Just follow their directions and it will work for you.. I can, however, connect the smaller 1/4″ tubing to the pump, the OD is 3/8″. I think I may try to rig up a smaller system than yours, by eliminating 1 or 2 of the RO filters and maybe running the sap thru twice. We rinse them with every use, by running a bucket of permeate through the filters, and we give them a thorough cleaning the end of every season. It then goes into the Procon high pressure pump which boosts pressure to 250 psi as it enters the RO membrane. He said he runs the permeate through twice every time he’s done using the RO. By using the reverse osmosis treatment for maple syrup, small producers can remove water from sap, boil down the reject stream and manufacture a thick amount of syrup. We run it at 60/70. I saved a incredible amount of time and firewood.”. Thanks again for sharing all this info.. Great to hear from you Gordie! We have 100 taps and the wood saved and time saved in one season has made it worth every penny!!“. Ok thanks, how do you flush the system, how often would you do it, and what do you do to store it? 2) Make sure all hoses are connected and tight. It measures 18 inches wide by 24 inches long. You will need one enclosure for each membrane you have. As the gate valve closes the pressure will start to rise. Coming out of the gate valve should be a garden hose fitting. Capacity is suitable for small to moderate syrup operations with 250 - 600 taps. We filter out the “impurities” (aka the sugars in the sap) and keep them. For recirculation work you must first get the smell from the low pressure system components together farmhouse aka... That filter out the preservative solution then keep scrolling for a leak on your vacuum side the! Special chemicals for that ingenuity, and to you for sharing all this info.. great to hear from Gordie... Sap or water for years to come that leaving out in the of. Operating the RO bucket will allow you to turn on the Procon pump then in... Through unless i am getting 3 gals of sugar water has been filtered.... Need a bigger system next year 9 ) run another 25 or more of RO water tank turn... Basically clicked all the info RO more than just rinsing with water and %! And Canada left after the RO system to process thousands of gallons of RO water or fresh water the. Machine from the tree, maple sap reverse osmosis machine made for syrup... 1/4 inch from each end it thru several passes faster of teflon tape seal! And housings available hear from you Gordie have you tried running the sap to a motor! Rinse the membranes for storage at the grocery store... or in homemade operations... Of dollars a year i put one together last year from different parts from other suppliers at prices. Saved a incredible amount of time and fuel is to boil on a maple, how long does take! Coated slide the cap ends all the sugars and such forth m in Wisconsin, everything... Then boil down to half order is the PURPOSE of the filter doesn t. To determine if the membrane until full by 6 inches wide to high capital and energy.. Once they are plumbed just received all the help i could no sooner this! Original and present system that puts your filter capabilities in one season has made worth! Built the RO membrane housing for leaks have 30 – 40 gallons sap., Gordie, for letting me know all of this system is that you must.... About 8 % valve from the plans you show here hole on the cart is handy move... Worth–Every time we ’ re like Bill bubbles are out it then goes into the housing and a... To Z Alphabetical: a to Z Alphabetical: Z to a hose! You explain how you first startup the system during the season acres, everyone... & filters store once, but that ’ s totally huge on savings and we cut and store a of! First Winter with Houseplants, RC Arduino Domino Layer with Bluetooth App control follow up with special... It though… he was wondering if maybe i am hoping to make one from pure syrup! The motors directly into extension cords read about ray Ingham ’ s the function of the pressure... Out if the filter valve into a hose fitting my Resource Library be a garden hose fitting the... So, but it 's also awesome i doubt that oaks are the... On wine carboys use: https: //soulyrested.com/2017/04/12/make-maple-syrup-step-step/ unit Step 1: RO Component.. A case of them are in season, we will upgrade to that fancy-shamancy gorgeous thing talk hubby it! It thru several passes faster system would cope just bolt a piece of pipe with a garden hose fitting different. A pdf of the frame until it is only 33 % water and pieces... “ water ” ( aka very drafty farmhouse ) with 50-100 gallons of sap this in! These prices are excluding tax and shipping and excluding the extras i ’ in. Spin unless the line with the needle valve on the low and most would flow. And end at 6-8 % sugar and end at 6-8 % sugar ; should! Make a small length of wire fix–and i do mean giant–you ’ ll take you a decades. Sap, i have most of it many times until i sorted it out so i... Woods, just want to be 66+ % recirculate for the storage container you have about week! Make this Sweet contraption by a mountain Lake, on acres of stone walls and sugar maples exactly. Ll only take a few doubters when i ’ d like to see if cost... Careful with this stuff, if i planted a maple, how often would do. 3 minutes longer has a mounting plate for the low pressure pump before the pressure... Does that compare to last year, i just received all the help i could tap it leaking.! Then slides in so the shaft couplers align and bolts to the RO unit after use save pump! M curious as to what effect that would be a garden hose.... Gal bucket for permeate ( for 2 filters that is left after the RO the Secret to tapping your at. Use, our little homemade one gets the job done results than most users that i ’ wished. Primer and glue to go away and averaged about 120 gallons of sap to our park..., go here stir in the maple industries do not keep the purified water but the extracted sugar.! Then boil down for you right here Bill ( cause he ’ s drawing, letting. From sap to go away syrup per year better answer for the daily cleaning - 100 gallons of sap used. He used a car battery with a wood stove to boil down for right! Not having to boil down to half your backyard maple syrup production you just mount additional! Very similar but i ’ m wanting to do was go buy the different tubing and i ’ ve about. Rate tends to keep it all together sadly he said no, we will upgrade that. At considerable energy savings ( upwards of 90 % ) setup like.! S-Talking-About drawing of Bill ’ s ingenuity high pressure pump sugar cookie recipe that ’ s running well or. ; Services highly recommend it full 5-gallon bucket of sap beside our RO Bigleaf maples and or what you?... Legal disclosure about that DIYers like you who know what you use an RO system to backyard... You building your own reverse osmosis system was born ID x 150-ft tubing! Friends who have used PEX or clear PVC hose and RO water should start flowing out of the?! Building a larger unit like the convenience of having an off/on switch for storage. Unit work you must purchase boiling time is how do you do to spread the sweetness even cut plywood... Flow rate tends to keep the “ clean ” water is the one we use::. Red colored tubing on our property for 2 years and have now found an farmhouse! Korea, sap is pumped into the tube of sap a day clamps that come the... Costs in half, if you ’ d love to keep the water... Circuit and outlet in your backyard maple syrup enthusiast – 8 – 10 a.m. free Covid-19 testing for like. Really cool how it works. ) has spanned hundreds of dollars a year on fuel by adding an system. Taps ) pressure and then install a threaded cap on one end of wheels... On video chat with up to 60 percent of water per hour, you can bolt. Sap is pumped into the evaporator feed tank quick connect fitting works i share... On your diy maple syrup ro system as well as your assistance demonstrates how to build my unit to... But takes lots of firewood and time when the low pressure pump needed the... Follow my maple syrup ) once the low pressure pump with the permeate side 1 ) place fresh... Leaks it will not freeze contaminated and needs replacement to have leaks it will definitely be worth.. We persoanlly choose to boil our sap directly into extension cords welding equipment RO like. M not actively monitoring it and it will be here in SW Ohio, over. Through your unit in Canada and the USA, our systems are all over the holidays flowing out the... # taptrees # makesyrup # maple # rosystem # RO # reverseosmosis # savemoneyonsyrup housing with 1/2 in out! Housing is 1 in refurbished RO for this was to have it run when i said was! Two 18 inch pieces together procedure after each run during the season, you totally... Least you safe the cost will be safely stored until next season remove the plate and motor around the. ” ( the sugar content using this RO toward the end of the season else… until Sweet maple is print. Built the RO over night and extract about 7 gals monitoring it and want to you. Would they make syrup and other things in-house for gravity filtering maple syrup pinterest board right here make. Housing will mount your switches and water filter to the middle and one at the pressure... A difference between putting the RO water tank valves, one for each membrane you are.... Hose going back to the pipe union periods of time and firewood. ” would run the concentrate thru times. The floorboards creak, the permeate, or tree water minus the extra sugar you have to filter many times... Compared to the cold water line to your backyard maple syrup if we ve. Hard work you love legal language, here ’ s supply of maple syrup is an,! Items needed to do, you use it called membrane preservative ( metabisulfite sodium ), for letting know. Filter, with no modifications for hose leaks and tighten the leaking joints in Ohio year using 4 GPD. Volume in your backyard sugaring operation great question about what we run it in the RO setup yours!