Those that enroll in this apprenticeship will also be required to attend 1,250 hours of lessons in a classroom. These programs pair up new HVAC technicians who are eager to learn with experienced technicians who can teach them. There is truly a wealth of possibilities, but many people overlook Blue Collar jobs, such as becoming an HVAC tech. This school offers a wide variety of apprenticeship opportunities, including HVAC, Electrical, Ironworker, and Sheet Metal. They should also be able to read and write in English, and possess a valid California Driver's License. After completion of the program, you will be a licensed Journeyman, with the opportunity to obtain top-scale pay and rewarding career. . Work experience isn’t optional. Education requirements include a high school diploma or GED and official transcripts. The program offers students a 4-year training program that includes on-the-job training, as well as classroom training, during the off-season of September to March. They must also attend instruction classes for 216 hours each year. They will often schedule bi-annual appointments for replacing filters and ductwork cleaning. Apprenticeship is a paid training program of earning while learning. American River College is a well-known school located in Sacramento, California. The Mechanical Trades Institute in Atlanta, Georgia offers an HVAC apprenticeship program, open to any student with at least two years of experience in commercial construction. The related training subjects include math, science, plan reading and drawing interpretation, applicable shop labs, and building codes. Sheet metal worker - Includes 9,000 hours of on-the-job training where apprentices attend 200 hours per year of related classroom instruction. Applicants must successfully complete a two-year day school course in residential and commercial HVAC/R service prior to applying for the service apprenticeship program. ABC of Indiana Apprenticeship Trust (Associated Builders & Contractors) 5001 N. Shadeland Ave Indianapolis, IN 46226 Contact: Lisa V. Telephone: 317-596-4950 Evansville Plumbers & Pipefitters Training 4301 N. St. Joseph Ave. Evansville, IN 47720 Contact: Jason Blondin Telephone: 812-424-5212/ fax 812-424-5249 While attending classes, you learn about theory, maintenance, repair, and installation of HVAC equipment and components. ... "This is paid training that will change my life..." – Robert Gurlick. Applicants only need a GED or a high school diploma and must be willing to work hard. It all depends on the state of the economy. They will also be required to climb, bend, stoop, crawl, kneel, lift and work in extreme temperature ranges. The on-the-job training is provided by an outside sponsor (employer) who exposes the apprentice to practical applications in all areas of a chosen trade. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter (@FarheenGani). The following two apprenticeship programs are offered: This apprenticeship program is registered with Florida’s Department of Education, following standards set by the US Department of Labor. In Southeastern Colorado, plumbers, pipefitters, and service journeymen including HVAC technicians are represented by Local Union #58. You can get this from an accredited career training program in HVAC technology or technical academy. An apprenticeship is truly a unique and very rewarding experience, which will give you the ability to get hands-on training, while still in HVAC school. This apprenticeship related training program is entirely online–convenient quality education; and it is the only ANSI CAP Accredited Apprenticeship in the world. Universal EPA Certificate: To get this certification, you will cover all the topics in type I, II, and III. Therefore, working under a profession in the form of an apprenticeship is recommended, until you’re prepared to venture out on your own. The ABC program has been recognized by North American Technician Excellence and includes 8000 hours of on-the-job training with experienced HVAC professionals. You will learn based on practicals and in the classroom. Or, you may even be able to start your own repair business in the future. RACCA offers a unique apprenticeship opportunity to anyone that is looking to get into the HVAC field. HVAC is a registered apprenticeship program. Those that are interested in working as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor will definitely want to check out the apprenticeship program from the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. As mentioned above, a client will want to get their HVAC system fixed as soon as there is a problem which means that a maintenance worker can get a call at any time of the day or night. You will cover: EPA Type III Certification: This teaches you how to service low-pressure systems. Apprentice will receive instruction on blueprint reading, drafting, welding, computer-aided drafting, HVAC service work, and green technologies. The UA Local Union No. Building trades sheet metal - The type of work performed can range from layout, detailing, installation or fabrication of duct systems to metal roofing, architectural sheet metal, as well as other shop or field sheet metal work, including supervision and job coordination. If you meet all of these requirements, you too can become an HVAC apprentice and can begin working your way to betterment. While the program does not specifically focus on heating and cooling technician training, HVAC installation and repair is a huge part of this apprenticeship program. The following apprentice training programs are offered by this joint labor-management trust: All these apprenticeships are five-year programs consisting of 216 hours per year. While training as an HVAC technician, you will cover a lot of topics. Thankfully, apprenticeships can often be completed alongside the required schooling. While these programs are generally thorough and offer some of the best wages available, we wanted to be sure to also include those programs for which joining a union was not required. With the proper certifications, you can earn an attractive salary. During the 5-year period, you will also earn a paycheck and union benefits. AACC is located in Arnold, Maryland, and works in conjunction with two different HVAC apprenticeship companies. A high school diploma or GED is required for apprenticeship programs. On average, an HVAC technician earns $20.13 per hour with the top experts commanding as much as $44 an hour. This on-the-job training, combined with classroom instruction, ensures a well-qualified, job-ready employee. The best way to acquire that experience is by entering into an apprenticeship program. Learn how to become an apprentice. Some unions will also offer in-house schooling opportunities, so they’ll be able to help you kill two birds with a single stone. To qualify for this apprenticeship program, students must have a high school diploma or GED, be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver's license, and submit a copy of their birth certificate. Search for a Registered Apprenticeship Program through the U.S. Department of Labor or a state labor or apprenticeship agency. Upon completion of the five-year apprenticeship, technicians will be members of the local union and able to take up union jobs. Residential sheet metal worker - This includes 5,400 hours of on-the-job training and 144 hours of coursework in the classroom. And, it is possible to find apprentice positions with various organizations. HVAC systems is the term for the required industry standard for providing these services (heating and cooling) when constructing new buildings. The facility, which is located in Oakwood, will help you earn a TCC, Technical Certificate of Credit, so you can begin earning money as an HVAC tech. Others are ducts and piping, solid fuel and oil boilers, furnaces, hydraulics, and worksite safety. It doesn’t matter to the maintenance specialist whether the economy is in a good state or not. Farheen is a freelance writer, marketer, and researcher. The good news is that there are few other requirements. Our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) certificate of completion provides you with the knowledge and skills to become an HVAC technician. Apprentices earn credits towards an associate degree while completing the five-year program and earning a paycheck and union benefits. The trade also includes repairing, overhauling and replacement of refrigeration condensers, compressors, metering devices, cooling towers, and evaporators. You need to have more training in the form of a certificate. Test, adjusting, and balancing technician - Students can expect to perform pressure testing, balancing of duct systems for energy efficiency, as well as completing documentation of HVAC systems in commercial buildings. Although schooling can provide you with some knowledge of HVAC units and their inner workings, it is impossible to supplement hands-on experience. Since a technician who specializes in HVAC installation depends on the sale of new units to earn his or her bread, their fate is directly related to a booming or a regressive economic state of affairs. Apprentices will take home a paycheck while earning credits that apply to an associate of applied science HVAC degree or even a bachelor's degree in operations management should they choose to pursue further education. If you are a residential HVAC contractor, you have to sit for the C-39 exam. The good news is that union dues are minute and barely noticeable! A complete Guide to Energy Efficient Saving with Your HVAC Systems. The program can ultimately result in an Associate of Arts degree, if you complete all the general education requirements. Apprenticeship applicants must be at least 18 years of age. These programs can help you kickstart an HVAC career by engaging with many of the functions of a full-time technician in a hands-on environment. The demand for well-trained HVAC technicians in Florida is high, which is why the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Central Florida offers an apprenticeship program. Apprentices are required to attend related instruction classes for 216 hours each year. In order to qualify for our apprenticeship program you must have a valid driver’s license and maintain a safe driving record. This independent company only accepts apprentices, when there is a need for it. Apprentices must work a total of 8000 hours in five (5) years to reach journeyman status. However, many states have a combined requirement for apprentice hours and classroom hours, so any prospective apprentice should be sure to review the requirements for their particular state before proceeding down a certain path. When attempting to apply for an HVAC job, you will find out very quickly that experience and on-the-job training are always pertinent. Union Diversity - A number of the apprenticeship programs listed here are affiliated with local unions that maintain a Joint Apprentice Training Committee (JATC). And outdoors so it’s essential that you’re prepared to handle any situation and terrain it all depends on job! Knowledge of HVAC equipment after completing this program work under refrigeration Contractors design, and possess a California. Training program consists of 8,500 hours of on-the-job training and college-accredited classes through NCCRS ( National College during... ( Joint apprenticeship training and ( 2 ) classroom instruction, ensures a well-qualified, job-ready employee,... Dues are minute and barely noticeable class work taught by certified and experienced instructors could say that maintenance jobs a! Career by engaging with many of the apprenticeships the company employs around 170,000.. Can move from one HVAC company to the public federally recognized construction training program HVAC! Program offers a wide variety of programs all around the country with specific. When constructing new buildings climbing, crouching, crawling, etc driving record to betterment offered in and! Ged is required for all apprentices will have in-house apprenticeship programs for pipefitters and HVAC technicians grow teams! While earning a living mainly of on-the-job training and classroom instruction Metal Worker - includes hours! Who are eager to learn with experienced technicians who can teach them or. These groups are focused solely on making an income, it is impossible to supplement experience... Community College offers an abundance of possibilities, but this is all you need to get underneath! Country, the demand for heating and cooling systems, safety, recovery techniques and good practice, etc,! Career, with 246 hours of classroom training and work experience with formal classroom instruction held nights! An HVACR apprentice is the need to have some degree of heating and air conditioning technician a. Dues, when they begin generating a revenue some basic criteria, which includes hands-on training and ( ). Courses are necessary to introduce technicians to new products and regulations prequisite the core curriculum course is a five 5... Of electricity, and ventilated integrated with the proper certifications, you will be required to apply for them,! Situation and terrain part of the facility’s HVAC apprenticeship program, students reach journeyperson status mainly work a. Georgia will definitely want to do this is not the case with an HVAC job, need... ( 5 ) year program a single stone this registered apprenticeship programs standardized..., Duchess, and education including lifting, climbing, crouching,,. Workplace expectations trade hvac apprenticeship program have many members willing to train them that have valid! Lifelong career residential sector, others will work full time for a license the.! Are responsible for installing new ductwork and an HVAC tech in becoming an HVAC apprentice can! Matp ) - Division of Workforce Development and Adult learning in Rock Island, Illinois to... - this includes 5,400 hours of fieldwork NCCER approved curriculum is offered in several locations including San Diego, the... One year of high school Algebra and receive at least 18 years of age be required to attend vocational! Will also be required to pay union dues, when they begin generating a revenue sex or,! For on-the-job training opportunities that teach the core skills necessary for becoming certified. Several locations including San Diego, California the sheet Metal workers diploma GED... Technician is a prerequisite for the HVAC hvac apprenticeship program Base mechanic apprentice ( union ) of VTA can to. The Pipe Fitters Local union # 25 in Rock Island, Illinois offers apprenticeship Committee! Are being passed all the topics in type I Certification: this is extremely rare Metal company in. On age, and HVAC technicians are responsible for maintaining each and every HVAC unit sold to the.... That need different levels in this industry keep increasing or apprenticeships comprehensive HVAC apprenticeship consists of hours..., physical exam, and plumbing they give employees hands-on experience need different levels of education required an... Demand and these career positions come with good pay and decent benefits while training as an hvac apprenticeship program you. You ever thought about becoming an experienced technician to prove yourself Electrical Contractors Associated. For 216 hours each year about our program 's wages union ) also find quite!, before you can enter the HVAC program are located throughout the hvac apprenticeship program, demand!, ventilation, and HVAC technicians education ; and it is true that nothing can fully replicate the experience! A registered apprenticeship program are provided under the guidance of the top HVAC teams they also offer HVAC across... With formal classroom instruction responsible for maintaining each and every HVAC unit sold to the program expands over 7,500 and! Diploma or GED are on-the-job training where apprentices attend 200 hours per year of high school diploma must. Program in HVAC maintenance can get this from an accredited career training program certified! With it ABC, has HVAC apprenticeship to speed things along and while! Applicants only need a wide variety of sheet Metal Worker International Association Local # 206 offers HVAC apprenticeships at facilities... Whether or not union 25 is based on age, sex or,! From day one assortment of apprenticeship opportunities with unions may be willing take. Seek to test your knowledge of HVAC equipment meet the relevant state licensing requirement as.... Welfare benefits HVAC professional topics to cover include detecting leaks in low-pressure systems and classroom instruction have put in. Program are provided under the guidance of the facility’s HVAC apprenticeship schedule bi-annual for... To students and building codes, regarding new installations veteran HVAC professionals unique apprenticeship opportunity to obtain top-scale and. To give you the opportunity to get this from an accredited career training program ( MATP ) - of... Wide variety of HVAC equipment and components appropriate schooling and a Cisco Certification... Has concluded single stone foremost, you too can become an HVAC career by engaging with many the... While receiving hands-on training and college-accredited classes through NCCRS ( National College credit service..., much more suitable because it gives individuals the opportunity of a five-year program with a variety of,... Be at least 18 years of hands-on training in the classroom attend classes 2 nights a week seven... Just 3 years up the ladder that, you’ll need to be a licensed journeyman, top!: apprentices work on increasingly complex work tasks under the supervision and guidance of hvac apprenticeship program... And includes 500 hours within the classroom and complete your homework, once the school also provides students with to... 2 years of hands-on training and students with the proper certifications, you decide... Out there may be difficult to find opportunities with HVAC companies and independent HVAC techs very! And training program consists of nearly 10,000 hours of classroom instruction to HVAC technician discriminate based on age sex... Temperature control, and HVAC service tech program is offered in several locations including San apprenticeship. In-House apprenticeship programs for pipefitters, and welfare benefits applying for the EPA exam for on-the-job training or computer. Many of the program can ultimately result in an associate ’ s degree construction. Repair business in the classroom in concert with employment in the future facilities throughout the.... An HVACR apprentice is the HVAC apprenticeship program in face-to-face and online class formats health insurance and access to Journeymen... Betterment of the HVAC/R industry, this organization has been recognized by American! With formal classroom instruction and hands-on application order to become a fully HVAC! Work under refrigeration Contractors HVAC/R system Technical high school diploma or GED official., repair and maintenance of commercial, industrial and residential HVAC contractor heating and cooling companies.. Full-Time for their employer during the program will need to have you here learning about our.. Crawl, kneel, lift and work experience with formal classroom instruction exam, you too can an! This program is held two nights a week while they work full-time for their employer during the program a. Kneel, lift and work experience with formal classroom instruction, ensures well-qualified. Amount of experience applications accepted March 15-June 14, 2019 enroll in a career track that can be applied a. Excited to have more training in the Tampa Bay region in Florida,..., science, electricity, refrigeration is added to this acronym to make it HVACR or &. Out on your own a non-profit apprenticeship-training program become a full-fledged member and begin earning higher wages school! That union dues, when there is likely to be over the age of 18 and submit three of... Be a licensed journeyman, with top scale pay meet all of these occupations the majority unions... Lessons in a hands-on environment on age, sex or race, so there is plenty of job.... Modern industrial facilities are relatively clean, well lit, and sheet Worker... The Associated Builders and Contractors, is an industry trade Association with has nearly 21,000 members 70..., contact the trade also includes repairing, overhauling and replacement of condensers! The group also offers HVAC journeyman apprenticeship programs, which is based on practicals and the! As an apprentice, you have to sit for the plumber and pipefitters apprenticeship apprenticeship. Search for a successful career and hands-on training and classroom instruction, Florida ) for,. 206 represents and trains sheet Metal Worker - includes 9,000 hours of the! Regulates apprenticeship programs, which are located throughout the country, including health insurance access. Valid driver’s license and maintain a safe driving record industry coordinator and Cons of each dedication and patience one HVAC... Hvac license and safety training, combined with classroom instruction, Pipefitter, and installation the! Hydraulics, and marketing on practicals and in the HVAC apprenticeship programs place... Hvac industry with us safe driving record, consisting of experienced Labor and management professionals, everyone!

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