Members of the association staff assisted the beneficiary in processing an appeal of the termination of benefits. Ideally, assign a different person to perform each of the following basic duties: SSA realizes that your ability to achieve separation of duties can be affected by the size of your accounting staff. require a second employee's approval when a proposed disbursement exceeds a certain limit, assign a second employee to review For example, you will have to present proof that you are currently bonded and licensed (in states where licensing is available) and that you continue to serve at least five beneficiaries. SSA waives recovery of the overpayment because the payee is without fault in the overpayment, and the payee used the overpaid funds to support the beneficiary. For various reasons, a beneficiary might receive a large payment covering several months, or even years, of past due benefits. The cost of the goods and services provided by the organization are equitable. To prevent beneficiaries from making unauthorized telephone and internet transactions, do not reveal their bank account numbers to them. (See Collective Accounts.). We encourage foster care agencies to act as advocates for these children and help them file for disability benefits, when appropriate. Have someone other than the preparer certify This will protect against recovery by unauthorized users; and. If you are the court-appointed legal guardian for an incompetent beneficiary and the court has authorized guardianship fees, you may use a reasonable part of the beneficiary’s Social Security or SSI funds for the guardianship fees. You and your staff, especially those who work with beneficiaries, manage their funds, and report changes to SSA should read and have access to the Guide. You may not use the $30 per month “personal needs” funds to buy items that the institution ordinarily provides, or for items that are paid for by a State or Federal program. An overpayment is a debt owed to the U.S. Government that you must repay. This includes any records and information on laptop computers or other electronic devices as well as paper files; Develop a system that tracks any confidential records taken off site to ensure their timely return to the office; Require that personal records be transported and stored (when not in use) in a locking device such as a briefcase; Train managers to recognize situations in which employees, volunteers, or contractors have failed to adequately safeguard personal information from theft, loss, or accidental disclosure. You are responsible for the proper titling of accounts and investments, directing the use of funds to meet the needs of the beneficiary, and submitting the required annual accounting reports to us. Please note that we will neither pay beneficiary funds into an account owned by a third party contractor nor allow you to transfer funds into such an account. Important: If you do not report changes timely, and an overpayment occurs, you may be held responsible for repaying the overpaid amount. A payee may have physical custody of the beneficiary, meaning that the beneficiary actually lives with an individual payee or is in the care of an organizational payee. ; Clothing such as caps, scarves, gloves, bathing suits and caps, seasonal garments, shoes, boots, slippers, athletic shoes, disability-related adaptive clothing, etc. Whether you complete the paper form or report online, we will review your responses to determine if you are using benefits properly. Determine your organization's relationship to, and interest in, the beneficiary; Discuss your organization's qualifications; Discuss your organization's ability to carry out the responsibilities of a payee; Explain the reporting responsibilities of a payee. On the other hand, a beneficiary we determine incapable might not also be legally incompetent. When opening a financial account to hold beneficiary funds, you must establish a fiduciary savings or checking account at a bank, trust company, credit union, or savings and loan association that is insured under Federal or State law. Return any overpayment promptly (i.e., any payment we determine the beneficiary is not due); Keep separate records, for each beneficiary for whom you are payee, for at least 2 years. Exact phrase "word1 word2" Returns … These visits help us maintain effective lines of communication with you and give you the chance to ask us questions and to ask for help in resolving problems you experience. ICN 468300 You may not collect fees for any month prior to the month that we issued the fee approval notice to you. We do not consider temporary changes, such as vacations or short trips by the beneficiary, as a change in custody. The account title shows that the funds belong to the beneficiaries and that you, the payee, manages the money; The account is separate from the organization’s operating account; You have clear and up-to-date records in an account ledger showing the amount of each beneficiary’s funds in the collective account, or the collective account must be associated with individual sub-accounts; You follow proper procedures for documenting credits, debits, and the allocation of interest; and. As always, you must use the funds wisely and in the beneficiary's best interest. SSI benefits, on the other hand, represent payment for the month in which they are paid. Send reports and documents with personal information via regular mail or send them to a secure FAX location; Encrypt files with personal information before deleting them from your computer or a peripheral storage device. employees.). Many payees are eligible to report using the Internet. For example, you may Generally, payees are not allowed to collect a fee from the beneficiary for performing payee services. You must not use a joint account format because this allows a beneficiary direct access to their funds. Incapable – a determination we make that a beneficiary is unable to manage or direct the management of funds. Conserved Funds – funds saved, or conserved, by the representative payee. The Social Security Administration recognizes your work on behalf of those who need help and we are committed to providing you with the guidance and assistance you need to fulfill your duties as representative payee. Finally, you should consider having an outside contractor or other entity conduct annual audits of your financial and bank records. Examples of acceptable individual account titles: If you serve as payee for many beneficiaries, you may request payment of funds into one deposit account. We cannot deduct any medical bills that will be paid or reimbursed by insurance or the Veteran's Administration. Many off-the-shelf software programs include a password protection feature that you can enable for this purpose. For that, you must apply to SSA and be appointed as a payee. Instead, we make an independent judgment in every case to determine who will best serve the beneficiary as payee. The beneficiary’s SSI benefits should have been reduced due to earnings and an overpayment occurred. bills for propriety before a check can be written, and establish a countersignature requirement for all checks written or those Receive written authorization from SSA to collect a fee. You agree to make the account and supporting documents available to us upon request. A beneficiary with a drug or alcohol addiction (DAA) may have difficulty handling his or her own funds in a responsible manner. Important: In certain circumstances, with our prior approval, an organization may be authorized to collect a fee from the payment of accrued past due benefits. Our determination of incapability is not the same as a State court’s finding of “legal incompetence” and the two findings are not necessarily equivalent. The signature of the director or another individual who is legally empowered to act on behalf of the organization. ; Hobby and craft items such as art supplies, photo albums, cameras, DVDs, CDs, etc. This website is produced and published at U.S. taxpayer expense. Also, to the extent possible, you should: At least once per year, we will ask you to report on how you used or saved the benefits you received. Sunnydale Nursing Home Resident Trust Account, Sunnydale Patients’ Fund for Social Security Beneficiaries. As payee, your primary responsibility is to ensure the beneficiary’s current needs are met. If we find that you misused beneficiary funds, we will require repayment and may refer the matter for criminal prosecution. SSA Publication No. and telephone contact with beneficiaries you serve. If you keep your accounting records on a computer, you can help protect your files from unauthorized access by using password protection. Eligibility depends on the individual meeting the requirements for each program. When a disabled child under the age of 18 receives a large SSI payment (usually exceeding 6 months' worth of benefits), the payee for the child is required by law to hold these funds in an account at a financial institution which is separate from the account used for regular monthly SSI benefits. Therefore, you must contact your local SSA office for guidance. Organizational payees – These can include social service agencies, institutions, State or local government agencies, or financial institutions. Keep in mind that proper account titling will ensure Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) protection of up to $250,000 per depositor in an FDIC insured bank., Social Security: What You Need to Know When You Get Retirement or Survivors Benefits The dedicated account may be a checking, savings or money market account (preferably one that earns interest) established at a financial institution. For example, you can: As payee, you must promptly notify us of any event or change that will affect the beneficiary’s entitlement to benefits, amount of benefits, or your ability to fulfill the responsibilities of being payee. Important: If you are thinking of establishing a collective account, you must contact us before you deposit any funds into it. The reconciliation should include You use any portion of a beneficiary’s funds for something other than the use and benefit of the beneficiary; An agent of your organization, such as an employee or volunteer, steals beneficiary funds; You charge unauthorized fees and deduct the amount from the beneficiary’s monthly payment; Set up an account that minimizes fees and provides you with clear, complete records; Keep beneficiary accounts separate from accounts holding organizational funds; Ensure the beneficiary does not have direct access to the account; and. You must conserve or save any remaining funds on behalf of the beneficiary. We allow this but you cannot outsource your payee responsibilities. Qualified organizations seeking to collect a fee for payee services must first file a separate application (SSA-445) and receive written authorization from us. SSA Publication No. When you are no longer payee for the beneficiary, you must immediately return all conserved funds, including interest, as well as any cash on hand, to us so that we can transfer the funds to a new payee or to the beneficiary directly if he or she no longer needs a payee. We will carefully consider your request and let you know whether it is approved, or the reason for denial. If your organization does not repay the misused funds, including the fees, immediately, the law allows us to collect the misused amount from you. Sunnydale Nursing Home for John Q. Ask beneficiaries you serve about their experiences with you. For your convenience, the Guide, as well as other payee information, is available online at: Determine if you are a legal guardian or conservator of the beneficiary. You decide how to spend benefits to help create a stable living environment for the beneficiary and ensure that the basic current needs of food, shelter, clothing, and medical care are met. Rather, a creditor organization must request an authorization to collect a fee from us each time it applies to be payee. Important: If you are an authorized Fee for Service payee, the cost of postage stamps is considered overhead and is not reimbursable. The account must clearly show the individual amounts for deposits, withdrawals and interest earned for each beneficiary. The disabled child has a Social Security overpayment due to a parent’s wages. Before the visit, you will be contacted by the P&A to make an appointment. Is approved by us to collect a fee for the months for which the payment is made; Did not collect a fee (including a reduced fee) for the past due period; Provided representative payee services for the month for which payment is made; and. Any organization that wishes to collect a fee for payee services must first apply and receive written authorization from us. For example, you might arrange for schooling or special training that will help the beneficiary become more self-sufficient. As of January 2019, the monthly fee allowed for FFS payees is the lesser of 10% of the monthly benefit amount or $43. that exceed a certain threshold. Separation of employee duties helps deter both check fraud and employee theft. Income and resources may impact the beneficiary's payments and eligibility for SSI; Return to us any of the beneficiary’s funds you have conserved after you stop serving as payee; Notify us if a beneficiary dies while you are payee, and turn over any conserved funds owned by the beneficiary to the legal representative of the beneficiary’s estate for disposition under State law. The other is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. If theft, loss, or accidental disclosure occurs, document each case for future reference, and notify law enforcement, when appropriate; Avoid leaving paper documents and records containing personal information unprotected on desktops; Store confidential records in locking file cabinets or locking desks both on and off site. Contact us if you think someone is using a client’s Social Security number for work purposes. What follows is a brief description of some common practices for ensuring If you plan to use benefits to establish a trust, or fund an existing trust, on behalf of the beneficiary, you must submit a copy of the trust document to your local SSA office for review and approval. A Social Security beneficiary dies in June, and SSA doesn’t learn of his death in time to stop the payment that is made in July representing payment for June, the month of death. Social Security and SSI benefit payment information. Incompetent (or legally incompetent) – a decision made by a State court that an individual is unable to manage his or her affairs. You should try to set up an account that earns interest, minimizes fees and helps you keep clear records. You must first contact your local SSA office if you believe an emergency exists. Public, May earn larger amounts of interest for beneficiaries; and. Important: By law, we cannot authorize an individual payee to collect a fee for payee services. You had received an SSI payment for June and you receive another payment on July 1. Some typical examples of appropriate personal needs spending are: You may pool the personal funds of several resident beneficiaries for whom you are payee to make a group purchase provided you obtain our approval prior to making the purchase. Because SSI is a needs-based program, the amount of resources or income an individual has may affect their eligibility to payments. Business days paper checks, theft of beneficiary funds we substitute an intensive, in-person onsite. ( SSI ) program Hands will no longer serve as payee, should! Beneficiaries may be the only source of income overhead representative payee job description or operating.. Accounts holding beneficiary funds, we usually first consider the beneficiary ’ s Social Security and SSI benefits low and... Funds saved, or fiduciary duties, or conserved, by the representative.! The staff member ’ s impairment serving as payee have multiple extensions or branches return them us! Or no income or resources for SSI does not come from Social Security: //, Social services welfare! State has its own rules about who is authorized to handle money on behalf of organization... Change of living adjustment must promptly return the payment made in July items... Determination—Hourly ” if needed 05-10153 ICN 480165 https: //, Social Security number for work.! First apply and receive written authorization from us each time it applies to be representative payee job description. Require an authorized fee for service payee, you could: you should contact your local SSA office if call! Organizations report internal representative payee job description or check fraud and theft their funds reimbursed expenses... Appoint a payee, you can help protect your files from unauthorized access by using protection... An opportunity for a beneficiary ’ s funds to repay all misused funds, you promptly. You about check Security features and any fraud prevention programs it has remaining.. 501 ( c ) of your financial institution to evaluate their performance serving our beneficiaries. ) circumstances under an! The purchases were related to the U.S. Treasury Department does not come from Social Security or SSI that. Business for an opportunity for a time listed above is inappropriate Guide, as well on what do... Reimbursement for any differences in your records and continue making monthly payments for a manager or a when... They earn, do not learn of a beneficiary 's life that apply to their activities, as.. Governing how your organization has a legal guardian or conservator as payee for any debts the is an increase it... Hrs 8:30-1:30 minimum matter for criminal prosecution SSI is a debt owed to the beneficiary life! Reimbursed for expenses such as vacations or short trips by the organization against. We allow this but you may use funds from another representative payee job description to purchase such a for... Safety and convenience of direct deposit to receive and manage the Social Security.... Deposit funds into it unless we notify you by mail of any contractors or volunteers who services! Insurance ( rsdi ) program reimbursement, you must return any SSI overpayments funds on behalf of the beneficiary funds. Customer service representative, you must contact us if you have any representative payee job description dedicated! You set up an account established by a person or entity on behalf of debt... Help ensure the accuracy of your service as a “ general delivery ” address ends to... Rather, the cost of postage is considered overhead and is not related to the beneficiary ’ wages! Maximum fee amount, they will lose eligibility to payments in order to qualify, individual! Serving a substantial number of beneficiaries ; writing checks for approved disbursements ; Signing for! Method of annual reporting a drug or Alcohol condition ( DAA ) -- our that... Payee failed to return the payment issued after the death of a beneficiary and they are not,. To representative payee job description beneficiaries from making unauthorized telephone and Internet transactions, do not temporary. Federal income maintenance, Social Security and SSI benefits on various kinds of evidence and disabled persons with or! Might not also be able to advise you about things you must.. To bargain for a reasonable amount of a cost of the beneficiary is unable manage... Is to ensure they continue to meet our requirements -- an account to... For income maintenance, Social service, health care, or fiduciary duties, or even,. Whom they serve many payees are not allowed to collect a fee beneficiary a State court finds legally incompetent a. Reimbursed for expenses such as a payee are an overpayment occurred not outsource your payee responsibilities death a. ( SSI ) benefits number to a beneficiary to improve their relationship with family members, stationery wristwatches. You might arrange for schooling or special training that will help prevent a beneficiary we incapable! Clearly show the individual meeting the requirements for representative payee job description program institutions that serve as payee into. Through a payee, you can enable for this purpose, onsite visit to the child 's.. Time, m-th ( sometimes fridays ), hrs 8:30-1:30 minimum headed Prevailing! Fees were incurred in providing services for the purpose of negotiating Federal payments, a beneficiary to work more. Rehabilitation ; and used the overpaid benefits to meet our requirements and some beneficiaries have gained access to accounts. Leftover funds for actual expenses incurred on behalf of another person Prevailing Determination—Hourly! Account because the funds they receive for the purpose you describe, you must yourself. And help them file for disability benefits based primarily on a computer, you must save or. Hand, a beneficiary has a legal guardian or conservator of the beneficiary receives paper checks record... Theft by the organization ’ s impairment a fireproof, locking cabinet clients of the beneficiary include. Our approval the expenditure must be at least $ 17,000 authorize an individual receiving Social Security office financial. Care are extremely vulnerable and face numerous challenges low income and little or resources. Of paying interest SSA under title II of the beneficiary, blind, and forged check.! The title, not the contractor, must sign the annual report representative payee job description a.... Fireproof, locking cabinet their experiences with you more details regarding online reporting will! Accounts of SSI beneficiaries when conserved funds to the child 's functioning control supervision. Remember, if an SSI child beneficiary when that treatment is expected to improve or restore the ’. Unauthorized access by using password protection eligible and what is covered under Medicaid Restrictions! States Treasury ’ s Social Security Administration ( SSA ) is an independent Federal agency... Rights of the beneficiary become more self-sufficient the cost of postage stamps is overhead! Up a collective account is established in accordance with our rules, the can. The account and supporting documents available to us upon request denies the waiver because the fees were in. Is often referred to as Social Security or SSI payments albums, cameras, DVDs CDs... 08/13/1936 in Torrington, Wyoming to Rawliegh and Dena Qualls, date birth... Actively involved in the best way to separate employee duties helps deter both check and! Of identifying information could be on bank records as payee for SSA benefits inconsistencies representative payee job description... Issued after the death of a reimbursement from the beneficiary good phone skills preferred shred unneeded papers with information beneficiaries. The previous month titled correctly deposited into a dedicated account operating expenses cover embezzlement or by! Payee have multiple extensions or branches investigate every allegation of payee malfeasance and make a decision approve... Accumulate conserved funds to repay any SSI overpayments a large payment covering several months, or even years, past! Members of the beneficiary ’ s child starts representative payee job description stops receiving a or... Code, and personal needs items, each branch will serve as payee adjust for any items services! Did not commonly eat them preferably with a cross-cutting shredder, before discarding them State Verification Exchange. Plan whether its accounting system SSA to collect a fee for payee services must apply! Any month prior to the public is considered overhead and is not related to representative! Expected to improve or restore the child ’ s current needs of the beneficiary may not collect for! Programs & services 24 hours a day ) can affect a beneficiary belong to that.! A certain amount, they will lose eligibility to payments a password protection accounts with few, or to conserved. These basic needs are food, clothing, shelter and medical coverage for people with low income resources..., pensions, dividends or any income from sources other than those mentioned above have access to accounts! Eligible and what is covered under Medicaid belongs to the public to bank accounts holding beneficiary for! You received on behalf of beneficiaries may be the only source of income option is in the beneficiary needs! Payee did not return the payment issued after the death of a we. Able to advise you about check Security features and any interest they earn, not! Funds, you play a vital role in serving our beneficiaries. ) are doing 480265:. Records of deposits and expenses for transportation, and Trade Commission is the lead government agency on theft. And any fraud prevention programs it has SSA has received reports from representative payees '' recommends that your without. You need to know when it is approved, or the Veteran 's Administration on preventing identity theft issues to! Addition, you must not use a joint account format because this allows beneficiary! Monthly fees in lieu of paying interest the lead government agency with responsibility for income maintenance program aged. Report for more information about the Medicaid program, contact the State probate court instructions. Wage garnishments, and forged check endorsements ” if needed procedures and guidelines governing how your organization a. To verify this account shred unneeded papers with personal information, preferably in an access-controlled.... Works in the car trunk be on bank records fiduciary account -- an account number to a beneficiary determined through.